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Meet Chandra


Dance Fitness Choreographer and Certified Group Fitness Instructor 

Chandra Hampton (CHamp) is a life-long athlete and music enthusiast from Baton Rouge, Louisiana who began teaching dance fitness classes in 2011 after overcoming some of life's challenges. This fitness world that included her passion for music and dance became her new normal...her lifestyle (CHampLifestyle). Her travel experiences around the world have heavily influenced the musical genres and dance choreography that are featured in each class to create a personal and unique class for her participants. Chandra currently resides is Washington, D.C. 

My Vision

CHamplifestyle® is the world that I live in. It's who I am, what I love and what I've experienced. Each class is a reflection of that world through music and dance. My goal is to take participants on a journey of my world each and every class.

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